It's been a while since I've updated and so much has happened!

Firstly I went on a lovely vacation to the south of France, staying in Nice and traveling to Menton, Monaco, Cannes, Mougin and more! Art to follow about that trip!

Secondly, I have taken on a new job at Artspace in New Haven that I am really excited about- I am right in the middle of promoting their open studios event and will be participating in it myself. Come check my work out on oct 4th and oct 26/27 in New Haven.

Thirdly, I was thrown into the mix on the new Britain Oktoberfest earlier this month- doing some advertising and building the website in 4 days- what an adventure!

Fourthly, our sculpture project for the New Britain Commission on the arts (which I am the chair of) finally passed the common council! (See photo) soon construction will be underway!