I have been working in a new method of work that has been making me downright giddy. Painting on GIANT unstretched pieces of canvas (up to 12 ft wide!). 

It all started when I was asked to paint some large scale garden backdrops for the CT Virtuosi & CT Lyric Opera Production of The Marriage of Figaro. I had to paint big and fast, it was such a rush!

So back in the studio I bought some 9 ft by 12 ft canvas painting drop cloths at the hardware store and tons of big containers of cheap acrylic paint + a variety of large brushes.  

I started with a free form garden scene, similar to what I did with the backdrop. 

I then moved on to working out some of my past thus for unpainted drawings. I don't know if this is a process I will do all the time, I really do love the thick juicy surfaces on stretched canvas and board, but working so large really does loosen things up - maybe this will be a regular exercise to keep the work from getting too tight.