I paint almost exclusively on unstretched canvas – I find the surface perfect for my work, subject matter and style. Part of what I am going for is to really draw attention to canvas as one of the main materials. I am always surprised that when I present work in this way people marvel "o this is fabric!" and want to reach out to touch it, even though it is the exact same material they are used to seeing in traditionally stretched canvases.

It also allows me to scale up as large as I want without running into issues in the creation, storage or transportation of the work. Due to the flexible nature of working on fabric the work can also be designed for a particular location, sized and trimmed to fit any architectural quirks and enhance a particular space.

But that still leaves the question - How do I hang my work?

how to hang my work across.jpg
  1. My Preferred Method. The most direct - nail canvas directly into the wall along the edges of the painting
  2. Scroll. Putting a pole at the top and bottom of the work so that it can be hung in the manner of a scroll. 
  3. Framed.
  4. Stretched canvas. It could be stretched using stretcher bars like a standard painting.