I've been to the French Riviera before several times, zipping up and down the coast to visit museums and tourist spots. This time, I decided to mix it up, and hang out for a laid back week on my balcony in the town of Menton, the pearl of France, famous for its lemons, and the last coastal town in France before the Italian border.

Beautiful sunshine, warm weather, great views and truly delicious meals.

I went to the next town over, Ventimiglia, which is in Italy for their famous outdoor market. Great lunch, good deals and a truly beautiful cappuccino. 

Menton, like much of the Riviera, is right on the water with steep mountains behinds (and very curvy roads). I decided to make my way into the mountains to the little town of Sainte-Agnes. 

Back on the ground in Menton, I visited some of its famous gardens.

I had the chance to do a lot of sketching and drawing while I was in Menton as well...

Which turned into some huge paintings