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Paris Finally!

After an epic train strike, I FINALLY made it into Paris for a day of aimless wandering, drawing and eating. I arrived early at the Gare de L'Est and walked straight down the Boulevard de Strasbourg, taking note of a piece of street art that i hadnt seen before by space invader I took it as a good sign.

I reached Ile de la Cite and finally decided now was the time to stop and have cafe and croissant and do the first drawing of the day, with tourists sneaking peaks

cafe view to Notre Dame across the bridge

next i decided to get a little more up close to the river...

along the Seine

along the Seine

from there I walked west along the river, past many runners ans some unsavory smells and paused to sketch the Pont Neuf

pont neuf

pont neuf

then it was time for lunch! after thoroughly looking at every fixed price menu in Place St Michel, I I settled on a lunch of veal and duck with the view below

place st michel lunch paris

i wanted to keep going in the Place St Michel, so I parked it on a bench, pretended to wait for a bus and drew this:

st michel paris france

its mid afternoon and im getting thirsty... time for a panache during happy hour... with a view of the buildings along the river!

paris river houses

time for one last drawing before I catch the train to Nogent! So I duck around the corner pass the really really really long line to Notre Dame and sit down on the curb facing the big rose window and drew... and somehow I became a beacon for all tourists walking by to stop right in front of me and look to block my view!

notre dame rose window paris

a march back to the train station, then i hiked through fields the 4.5 miles from Nogent sur Seine station back to CAMAC. What a day!

South of France photos posted!

I went on an amazing trip to the South of France in September - Nice, Cannes, Mougin, Menton, Monaco, La Cannet, Cagnes sur Mer, Cap Ferrat. It's already inspring some super colorful paintings! But until those are ready to show check out these amazing photos HERE 

villa rothschild 8.jpg

May/June: Travel theme

Well, I have returned from my whirlwind trip to Germany and Austria, visiting Munich, Salzburg and Vienna.  A fantastic trip to be sure. Highlights include:

  • Munich- I am not one for beer, but I loved, loved LOVED my visits to the beer gardens. I am a big fan of the Radler (beer mixed with lemon lime soda, a cousin to the panache and shandy) so an afternoon spent drinking a 1 liter Radler and a giant pretzel under the newly leafed chestnut trees was wonderful. I loved the food, the outdoor market, and surprisingly really enjoyed the BMW Welt. I enjoyed trying out my terrible Pimsleur's German.
  • Salzburg- beautiful, touristy but enchanting. We had a missive outdoor activity day here, climbing up the mountain to tour the fortress, walking the town, and then renting bikes to head out of town to the Hellbrunn Castle and the trick fountains- which were just the right amount of silly.
  • Vienna- I had really high hopes for the famed coffeehouses of Vienna, but generally found them to be a bit of a let down. Maybe they were over hyped. What I did experience in Vienna was true art happiness at the Belvedere Palace and really good food.
  • Swiss Air- I've flown a lot to Europe, my return flight to Logan Airport via Zurich was my 36th transatlantic crossing. It was by far my most luxurious (I should note I only fly coach). The great individual seat movies, tv, music and games (which is hit or miss these days on most airlines), an actual honest to goodness good meal, frequently coming around with more wine, more brandy, more drinks, more chocolate for no apparent reason and ice cream!

As I have travel on the brain due to this trip, I've decided to make my European Grand Tour the theme of my website for the late spring... check back soon for a new theme and new art on the site.