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Icelandic Countryside

Icelandic Countryside

While we based in Reykjavik, with a rental car we drove around the Icelandic countryside taking in waterfalls, natural formations, geysers, glaciers, mountains, and more. 

Gulfloss, Iceland

One of the stops in the Golden Circle, the waterfalls of Gulfloss were spectacular to behold!

Thingvellir, Iceland  

This is the spot where the European and North American continents meet !

Snaefellsnes Penninsula

Saw a lot on our overnight trip to the Snaefellsnes Penninsula-

  • seals sunning themselves on the beach
  • cliff formations
  • moss houses (see above)
  • insane sheep in insane locations
  • the volcano/glacier that led to the center of the earth in Jules Verne's novel of the same name
  •  me, crossing said volcano (Snaefellsjokull) in a VW Polo, up and down extremely steep dirt passes, thinking at least twice that we wouldn't make it and somehow not getting any dings or paying extra on the rental agreement!
  • the northern lights (know its not the best picture ever but considering I woke up in the middle of the night to close the window and there they were, can't really beat it!)

The Great Geysir

I have never seen a geyser before and this one was so impressive. 

Spotted on the journey...